Ways to follow the recommendations (part 1)

This is mainly for me to track my progress and physical activity, but hopefully you can learn something too and maybe get inspired to try something new.

I decided that I want to better understand what following the recommendations for physical activity actually is like. So what I will try to do is to document my exercise during the year and try to set it up in different ways, and see how it affects me. Also, while out for a walk, I met this absolutely wonderful cat. In my opinion this is what constitutes acceptable click-bait, so don’t be mad.

Let’s first take a quick look at the exercise I did during the week. If you want to see the mobility exercises they are available here.

I ran 5 times for a total of 152 minutes:

It wasn’t that challenging since I’m used to running. But I will try to do it a bit differently next week. Running three times for 30 minutes and one time for 60 minutes. This is so that I can get either one more day for resistance exercise or a day off. My HRR% (explained below) was around 55-75. This means that I technically did more than the recommendations required, but this almost cannot be helped because I run a lot in the forest, which easily raises your pulse above 60% of HRR.

I did resistance exercise two times:

This is a way I don’t usually train and I will adjust it for the next week. I did 3 sets for all exercises and 5-15 reps with 2-3 minutes of rest between sets. In total each workout took 38 minutes including warm-up: jumping rope for about 5 minutes (non-consecutively) and 2 easy sets of each exercise. For next week I will do 8 exercises instead of 6, because I think it won’t do any harm.

So that was it. Under here is some information about me you can use if you want to compare your exercise to mine and the recommendations in short.

Fitbit stats week 32

Steps average: 15021/day
Weight: 183 lbs (Monday morning)
Sleep: 6h49m/night
Resting pulse: 51
VO2-max estimate: 47-51

Recommendations in short

Cardiovascular exercise:
150 minutes of moderate exercise or 75 minutes of intense exercise.
Moderate: 40-59% of HRR
Intense: 60-74% of HRR
Walk at least 7000 steps per day.

Resistance exercise:
8-12 repetitions at around 70-84% of your maximum capability. 10 exercises targeting all major muscle groups. At least 2 times a week.

Mobility exercise:
Static or dynamic stretching for all major muscle groups 2 times a week.

To get the % take your pulse during activity (PDA) minus your resting pulse (RP), the divide that number with max pulse (MP) minus RP. So (PDA-RP)/(MP-RP ). Here is an example from one of my runs this week.
My MP: 187 (207-0,7*28)
My RP: 51
My PDA: 129
187-51=136 and 129-51=75

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