You need to get engaged

Not in that way, duh. I mean, unless you want to, then go ahead.

In a distant past I studied journalism. I completed all assignments, wrote reports and got good enough grades on everything. I got my bachelors and it was time to find work. But somehow I couldn’t find it.

To be sure, it wasn’t because I was unskilled or that no one would hire me for some reason. The reason was that I didn’t really try. And I didn’t really try because I wasn’t that interested.

It may seem obvious to you, and it is obvious to me now, but it wasn’t back then: doing something you’re not really interested in sucks. Now you don’t have to have the highest of ambitions to get engaged into something, but there needs to be something extra.

For the last year I’ve really felt that ”something extra”. I got engaged in Fysiostyrelsen, did this summer course in medical research and became an anatomy tutor. For me this, is how I know I’ve found something that I really wanna do.

If I’d have had the wisdom then that I have now, I would have quit the journalism education. Writing isn’t for me. Scratch that, I love writing. But the way you work as a journalist doesn’t appeal to me in the slightest.

So if you’re young (or older) and just starting your education I think you should ask yourself ”Does this engage me?”. If the answer, after repeated searching, is ”No” then you should proceed.

I didn’t really have anyone to ask me that question because I think I’ve always been exceptional at rationalizing my choices, which makes sure no one will question you.

Sure that could be said for this education as well, but there are key differences.

If you spend your free time reading about, looking at videos of, and you actively engage in projects around your area, then it’s probably not you rationalizing your choice, but a genuine interest. Or maybe I’ve just gotten even better at rationalizing. Let’s hope not.

I recently did a couple of interviews with a couple of people that did the choice I should have done 8 years ago and left the program. I asked them why they studied physiotherapy and why they left. I’ll release that in the coming weeks.

Until then, stay healthy and follow the recommendations for physical activity and live a good life.

For Midnattsloppet I’ll going to be doing tests and informing people about exercise. Engaging in school activities is a great way to learn and make connections.

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Jag är fysioterapeut (utbildad vid Karolinska Institutet) som är intresserad av hälsosam träning och forskning.

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