This week…

The heat has been hitting me quite hard. I was never good at dealing with heat and I thought I wouldn’t do well this week either. But now at the end of it I feel like I did a good job. I took some steps that I previously hadn’t.

Two of the most important things I did was eating things with quick sugar such as fruits and dextrosol, and drinking water before I need it. I’m much more aware of my need for water and how easy it is for me to get dehydrated. These two things aren’t a silver bullet: I’m still much more sluggish than usual but it does help a lot.

It has helped enough that I’ve managed to stay on the move and also follow the recommendations for physical activity. I don’t have the energy to compile the data or analyze it but in short I made it easy on myself while avoiding being complacent.

I’ve heard that next week will be a bit more bearable and I couldn’t be more excited! Actually I could, I’m feeling quite mellow right now, but I’m ready to go hard next week! Maybe I’ll even allow myself to run a bit more that usual! Ain’t that something.

/Noa Greén


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Jag är fysioterapeut (utbildad vid Karolinska Institutet) som är intresserad av hälsosam träning och forskning.

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