Following recommendations: Week 25 2020

I like that title better so I’m going to try to stick to this formula. Consistency is key, as They say.


Just as last week I did 150 minutes of running in a tempo that felt alright. Which gave me a total of 23km at 6:30-ish pace. When I ran my 60m run I got almost exactly 10km which is pretty fast but it was all on flat ground, and I usually run in the forest. Though… Now that I’ve run like this for a few weeks I actually feel like running more. In other words: it feels like I’m not running enough. I’m torn between giving in to that feeling and do some more running, or if I should just chill out and take it easy. I’ll keep in chilling for now.


This week I did Almost Calisthenics with 7 body weight exercises from the book Body Weight Strength Training Anatomy and face pulls with a resistance band. I try to get balance all over the body but I felt like I left out core muscles a bit this week, so next one I’ll try to get some more of that. I did the exercises as a circuit because that’s the way (aha aha) I like it.

It’s circuit training!
Health Statistics

Fitbit, Runkeeper and MyFitnessPal:
Weight: 78,4kg (78kg)
Average calorie intake/burn: 2737/3000
Resting heart rate: 47 bpm (52 bpm)
Fitness score: 52
Average steps: 21k
Total minutes of cardio: 150
Pace: 6:24 (minutes/km)
Sleep: 7h34m

This week has been a little less active as is evident from both average steps and calorie intake. I’m at about 1800kcal deficit but my weight hasn’t gone down. This isn’t strange in my opinion, since weight can fluctuate about 1,5kg so I can have lost weight in fat while the scale still shows a slight increase in overall weight. Nonetheless, I have a goal next week to average around 2500 kcal and break the 78kg barrier.

My resting heart rate has gone down quite a lot. At its lowest it was 46 during the week and I expect it to go up and down around 46-50 if I keep up this regimen.

I want to sleep 7h30m every night and seemingly I did it. But one night Fitbit “gave” me 1h30m extra so the average goes down to around 7:15 which is quite a bit from where I want it to be. The main problem for me is that I don’t consistently sleep similar amounts. Lowest is 7h2m and highest is 8h. That in my opinion is a large range, but even the lowest is still good. Looking back a few weeks I averaged around 6:50, so exercising and eating better has probably had an effect.

In conclusion

It was a good week.


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