Make it easy on yourself

This summer I’m going to make it easy for myself. Sometimes it’s difficult to make it easy for yourself though. Specially since being consistent can be such a chore. For example: I want to write blog posts regularly. But I’ll make it easy on myself and make no promise.

Despite having more time than ever I’ve had a hard time focusing on writing this semester. I feel like something monumental is happening but can’t place my finger on it. Now that school is over though, my fingers are itching again, so I’ll scratch them by writing.

I have some simple plans for myself this summer because having no plan is planning to fail:
1. Work 10 days/month
2. Read 3 physiotherapy related books (which I’ve already decided)
3. Follow the recommendations for physical activity

These shouldn’t be too hard to follow. Gulp.

I have an idea that I should also try to publish one post every week, maybe on Mondays or Sundays. For example, I could keep a summary of my following the recommendations and writing about that journey.

This blog is also going to be more personal than before, whatever that means. I think it will show in the content, or maybe I was always personal. Here are some things I want to write about this summer:

1. Clinical neurodynamics (I know very little about this)
2. Reading up on material before the semester starts
3. Physical activity in the everyday and how to motivate activity
4. Of course: following the recommendations
5. Good and less good things about the education
6. About taking extra courses parallel to studying

I wrote this mainly for myself, but if it inspires you to make some plans, remember to make them so simple that you know you can achieve them. Next time I’ll probably write a post about the three books that I’m going to read this summer (apart from the Thrawn Trilogy which I recommend if you like Science Fiction).

/Noa Greén

Publicerad av FysioNoa

Jag är fysioterapeut (utbildad vid Karolinska Institutet) som är intresserad av hälsosam träning och forskning.

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