Notes from Clinical Medicine 2 part 1 (Pain Rehabilitation)

”Don’t worry, it’s only 18 pages”

In the following link is an amalgamation of my notes from lectures and the course literature.

Rehabiliteringsmedicin Vecka 1
This document includes ”Introduktion i Rehabiliteringsmedicin”, ”Presentation av en patient”, ”Neuropatisk Smärta”, ”Myalgi och Fibromyalgi”, ”Whiplash Associated Disorders, långvarig smärta och överrörlighet” and ”KBT vid långvarig smärta”.

Some things are cleaned up and others are just straight up what I wrote down/or copies of the PowerPoint. In my opinion they have a big focus on the physiology of pain, different mechanisms that amplify, cause and facilitate pain, as well as how these can be countered with physical exercise and other treatments such as TENS, acupuncture and soft tissue treatment. These can have psychosocial effects in addition to biological effects which is an important aspect to take into consideration, especially since multi-modal rehabilitation is an important tool for treating long lasting pain.

Read ”Rehabiliteringsmedicin” and ”Om Smärta” to recap and expand knowledge!


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