Over the last 3 weeks I’ve changed a lot about my habits. Before I did more resistance exercise than running, but I’ve switched that around. 150 minutes is quite a lot of running, but I don’t feel exhausted. Neither do I feel weaker for doing less resistance. Maybe it is also because I’ve lost weight as well. I feel good. This last week I did a little bit less walking, around 15k/day but I feel like 17k felt better so I will try to get up there again. For now it seems that 150 minutes of running and walking quite a bit has given me more energy for other things.


In total I ran for 152 minutes over 4 times. Saturday I did a Cooper Test (picture below) and got a much better result than last time and got almost 52 which is nice, but the raise from last time when I got 49, is probably mainly due to weight loss. Regardless, next week I’m gonna do 3×30 and 1×60 like before, because I think it’s a nice setup.


I kept the same concept with two total body workouts with four super sets. It worked nicely and I got a good idea of where I could put more effort, for example I could do more push-ups. I feel stronger than ever when I do pull ups, but that may be due to weight loss. The pictures were taken at my fathers house where I’m visiting.

I didn’t have access to a scale, so I’ll do weight measurements next Monday when school starts.

Fitbit stats week 34

Steps average: 15540/day
Weight: Didn’t have access to scale
Sleep: 7h9m/night
Resting pulse: 52
VO2-max estimate: 48-52

Recommendations for physical activity in short

Cardiovascular exercise:
150 minutes of moderate exercise or 75 minutes of intense exercise.
Moderate: 40-59% of HRR
Intense: 60-74% of HRR
Walk at least 7000 steps per day.

Resistance exercise:
8-12 repetitions at around 70-84% of your maximum capability. 10 exercises targeting all major muscle groups. At least 2 times a week.
Mobility exercise:
Static or dynamic stretching for all major muscle groups 2 times a week.

To get the % take your pulse during activity (PDA) minus your resting pulse (RP), the divide that number with max pulse (MP) minus RP. So (PDA-RP)/(MP-RP ). Here is an example from one of my runs this week.
My MP: 187 (207-0,7*28)
My RP: 51
My PDA: 129
187-51=136 and 129-51=75


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